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The Lakers Will Disappoint This Season

Everyone is talking about the Lakers dominating the upcoming NBA Season. Yes, they did make some great acquisitions. On the other hand, does anyone stop to look at what that team really looks like?Steve Nash might be one of the greatest Point Guards to every play the game, but his defense is now non-existent. Kobe Bryant is a superstar, but he does more whining than winning these days. His age has slowed him down a notch, which has led to him becoming easily frustrated. Metta World Peace is already making predictions about how they’re going to break the record for more wins in a season. While it might be a different sport, did you see how well that has worked out for the Carolina Panthers this season? Dwight Howard is a beast at Center, but he’s constantly injured. Pau Gasol is good, but he’s better when he’s the go-to guy underneath. He will play too timid with Howard entering the mix.

The Lakers will have a good season, but the Oklahoma City Thunder is still the team to beat in the West. They’re young, athletic and multi-talented. They should have won the NBA Finals last season had Durant not been pulled down the stretch on several occasions.

Don’t be surprised if the Thunder win more games than the Lakers this season.

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