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Rondo wins back his position in the MVP Ladder

The best amongst the perfect group of efficient players of the hottest team in the league is all time favorite the one and only Rajan Rondo. He is a proud MVP candidate but unfortunately his MVP campaign found a halt due to Boston Celtics’ swoon and certain kind of injuries suffered by the fantastic player. The Celtics’ All-star point guard was going through a trial period of time due to his sickness. The toppers of the list LeBron James and Kevin Durant also acknowledge the vast pool of talents that this amazing player possesses and are happy to welcome him back in sportsbook reviews. According to the latest edition of the KIA Race it was announced that Rajon Rondo has risen to an honored ninth position in the Top 10 ranking of the MVP ladder, all because of his endless efforts.

Rondo is the only player who has assisted to the top position along with achiever MVP Steve Nash in the 2004 - 2005 seasons. This was an acknowledgement made of the efforts put by Rondo even after the injuries with the Celtics’. The selfless dedication of the star player was the cause for the championship experience created in with the team that has resulted in the rise of Celtics’ post-All-Star to the MVP ladder of honor. The assists of the Rajon Rondo has risen from 9.5 to 12.6 in an amazing manner and at the same time the point he scored has found a deep plunge from 14.8 to 10 in recent times. The advance scout of the Eastern Conference announced that Rondo is as good he has seen him last in the league and admires hi willingness to sacrifice even his personal points for the team to score high. Everybody is happy that Rondo is back with triumph!

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