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Betting Odds for NBA Still Favor Rich Clubs

With the NBA Divisions in full swing, so far this season has shown that the richer clubs are still the powerhouses that they have always been and the gap between them and the smaller clubs is as large as ever. Needless to say the bookmaker published betting odds reflect this, but all that could be changing in the near future.

With luxury tax penalties, salary cap restrictions as well as a strong and deep NBA Draft on the cards - moving forward it will be interesting to see whether or not the playing field levels somewhat.

Worth the Risk?

For now, unless a spread is being offered betting on the underdogs is still pretty bleak. Granted there have been some upsets and a few surprises - the biggest of which would definitely have to be awarded to Portland’s absolutely mercurial winning streak.

Apart from a few exceptions however, the ‘haves’ are certainly trumping the ‘have-nots’ in almost all regards. Considering beating the odds in the NBA is never an easy prospect to begin with, the consistent form of many teams this season makes it even less appealing to go against the grain.

Of course, that just means that there are normally better odds up for grabs for those who actually wish to take a risk or two. Once the smoke clears and the new rules start to show their true colors it may shake the game up a little from a betting perspective, but until then it really is business as usual in the NBA.

For bettors, it is worth keeping an eye on the draft as well as how teams gear up to cope with all the changes. Until the finals roll around, it will be interesting to see if there are any major upsets or if predictability wins out!

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NBA 2013 Summer Forecast For Fans

Perhaps here we should ask the question - who is not a fan of the NBA? We will wager that not many hands went up! The NBA is the National Basketball Association of the USA, and we all love this professional basketball league. To bet on basketball, go here.

The summer season sees punters placing wagers on the draft, the playoff, finals and more. There are a whole slew of bets to be made every season. Placing a wager on one or more of the thirty franchised teams offers us a huge selection from east coast to west coast, but of course this is more fun if we simply bet on the team we support. It makes the game so much more exciting when we know we have money on it.

For the purpose of this particular article, we take a look at the summer forecast for Miami Heat. They are the defending NBA Champions, and if you are going to place a bet on NBA these guys might win you some money. Greg Ogden has chosen this team in which to make a comeback, and the team has announced its 2013-14 pre-season schedule.

This is an eight game schedule, with three games taking place on home grounds at the American Airlines Arena. We all know about home advantage, so, take note of this, and the season kicks off against Atlanta Hawks in Miami on the 7th October, 2013. Miami Heat will also be hosting a re-match at home, of last years’ final against the San Antonio Spurs.

Studies of sports betting market efficiency have shown to be similar to that of investing in financial markets. Although we don’t want to get too scientific about this, the point is that sports betting is a unique way to make a wager. The payoff is known in advance after calculating wager in relationship to odds, and all we have to do to get an outcome is wait for the game to play.

Over/under wagers are probably the most popular wagers made, this is a bet place that is lost or won according to the sum of both team scores, and is simple to play. For example, a NBA match between San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat may be set at a score of 195 (these are high scoring teams). The punter places an over bet and is paid if a combined score of 196 or more is reached. In an under bet this score should be 194 and under. If the combined score comes in at 195, this is considered a tie, and the wager is returned to the punter.

This wager is basically point spread betting where placing a wager on an underdog could also land a very big win. Taking research from patterns of betting, it has been proven that these wagers actually win 50% of the time. When a punter uses a point spread bet methodology, he is usually not interested which team wins, only the final score. However fans of the NBA generally wager only on their favourite team, so, an average gambler does this for fun, and not necessarily profit.

Harden Welcomes Howard Arrival in Houston

James Harden has made it clear he is confident the arrival of Dwight Howard this offseason has made the Houston Rockets title contenders ahead of the new campaign.

The signing of the seven-time All-Star prompted some discussion in the betfair forums, ending Howard’s dismal spell with the LA Lakers, and giving the 27-year old the chance to rediscover his best form with a team that really wants him.

After a season in which Harden established himself as a star, racking up an average of 25.9 points, 5.8 assists, 4.9 rebounds and 1.8 steals in 38.3 minutes per game, there had been some worry as to the impact adding another superstar to the roster would have on Harden.

But the 23-year old has insisted he is excited about the prospect of playing alongside Howard this season, admitting he feels the signing has given the Rockets a real chance of winning the championship this year.

“We did some good things last year, and I think adding Dwight really makes us contenders for a title. I know it will take a lot of hard work, but we have a lot to work with,” admitted the 2013 All Star.

Now while there is the possibility that Howard may take away some of Harden’s touches, that could help the youngster’s efficiency. Harden was extremely productive last season, but he only shot 43.8 percent from the floor and 36.8 percent from three.

A lot of that inefficiency was because Harden was often left to do all the donkey work in the lead up to making a shot, but Howard’s presence should lessen Harden’s workload.

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