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Heat’s unexpected victory over Nets

Nets were stunned and the coach was left speechless by LeBron James. The New Jersey fans were the only people who witnessed this situation. On Monday night, a victory of 101-98 was pulled out by the Heat over the Nets and James scored 17 points in a furious way and finished off with 37 as the latest score. Heat didn’t lead till the last and final fifty one seconds until James helped to achieve the tenth victory against Nets. Dwyane Wade was kept resting and James scored 17 points in the last four minutes and forty eight seconds. This wonderful finishing became one of the most memorable events for James to keep noted in his collection of finishing memories.
The coach of the Heat named Erik Spoelstra said, “The guy of No.6 was playing too well and going smoothly down the stretch of the game. The player had been too sensational and had committed certain offense while playing.” At the same time, the coach says putting excuses in favor of the player, “Certain deeds are usual to happen on the nights that are so much tensed.” However, according to his words, the Nets’ way of playing the game was worth mentioning, although the Heat had found a way to victory at the end.
James said, “We want the team to achieve victory in the last game for closing it out and don’t want to lose for the entire season. The entire team would continue in order to show their better performance.” 22 points along with 15 rebounds had been taken by Chris Bosh in favor of the Heat, which helped them to carry forward till the fourth quarter. At this moment, James came back in the midway and turned a lost game into a stunningly victorious one.
Kris Humphries had a score of about 29 points and MarShon Brooks had a score of 24 points who were playing for Nets. But Nets didn’t have Deron Williams in this game as a part of their team; the team thinks this to be a reason for defeat. This is because Deron is a player who is too skilled at finishing the game in the rightmost way. Deron was needed essentially as a finisher while they were playing against NBA’s best team, Heat. The Nets were led by a score of 13 points when they were in their third quarter and were up to seven when two and a half minutes were left. At this time, James made an entry from the midway with his special finishing kick leading to the victory of the Heat.

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