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Eduardo Najeera set to experience coaching in the NBA

It seemed as if his playing career would come to an end after he picked up a serious front bone injury that had 12 screws to cure it. He had picked up the injury after getting an elbow from Jon Brockman last April. Recently he has been declared fit to play and resume his career once again, but he no longer seems interested in playing in the NBA.
He rather is more interested in the lookout for coaching jobs in the NBA and the lower leagues of the NBA. In 2000 he was drafted on behalf of the Mavericks and played his last 12 years for the Charlotte Bobcats in the NBA. He was an outstanding performer and a very gifted and talented player. He was the first Mexican ever to be drafted in the NBA and the 2nd Mexican in the NBA after undrafted Horacio Llamas.
Now he is all set to make history by becoming the first ever Mexican born to become a coach of the NBA Basketball or its associate leagues. Najeera will have ownership stakes in the legends and will be awarded as to be determined under the all experienced Nelson in the front office of Mavericks.
Nelson Harris who turned 75 this year will no longer coach the mavericks, now he will finally get back to his actual role as the general manager of the organization. He will also monitor the working and processes adopted by Najeera. He is now the chief of the camp. Nelson Harris and Eduardo Najeera’s assistant coaching staff has not yet been finalized but it is being assumed that very soon the coaching staff will be finalized.
The front runners for the positions in the office are likely to be Nancy Lieberman, Spudd Webb and Malcolm Farmer. Nancy Lieberman was the first ever woman to be a coach in the NBA league. David Wesley recently left his job with the Mavericks in order to join the New Orleans Hornets after their head coach Scott Flemming was named the head coach of the Indian national team.
The legends have been playing a high level game over the last few seasons and have posted records of 24-26. It is expected that the draft for local players will be held on the 8th of September and soon after that the practice camp will start under Najeera in November for the legend’s D league associates. “Sources say that Najeera is expected to reveal his plans on Wednesday.”

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