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Anthony Davis suffering from Concussion - will miss the match against Chicago Bulls in his home town!!!

The Chicago bulls will have a sigh of relief as the big gun Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Hornets is not going to show up on Saturday’s game. Davis suffered a lenient concussion in Friday’s match against Utah Jazz which ended with New Orleans Hornets as the winners. Monty Williams, head coach of Hornets is unhappy as Davis is not travelling for Saturdays match even though he is currently recovering from concussion.
Ahead of the game, Williams expressed, football has played an important role in affecting everybody’s brain. He also said Davis is improving gradually and it’s common in basketball. He feels that the players are treated as like pink drawers and white gloves which are getting older day by day. This is how the league is at present.
He was expecting to play in his home town on Saturday despite of the accidental injury caused by his teammate Austin River’s elbow during the Friday’s game. Last season, before he joined the Kentucky University he had attended the Perspectives Charter High School and had won a national title. Williams was found saying, basketball is a man’s game. These players are treated as if they are just five years old. Davis was desperate to come, unfortunately he could not.
Williams accepted that he had also experienced many concussions during his carrier. He also claimed that he was not forced to be restricted from playing as currently the players are facing today. Today the players are not allowed to even travel if they are suffering from concussions.
Williams confirmed that he is not against the policy. He also favours as we have to protect our players. On a second thought he also feels that the final decision to play or not should be taken by the players as they are best judge of their fitness level. With his past experience of concussions which would have hit him around 4 to 5 times, but he still played. He was just not bothered.
Williams also accepted that the steps taken by the NBA are essential in order to protect the players, but this is not NFL. Basketball is not same as the football. Here the possibility of head injuries is quite low as compared to football. Even the coach Williams understands this fact. On an interesting note the coach says himself as a baby about it. He just requires his players gear up to play and that is the bottom line. Check latest basketball picks before you bet.

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