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Anthony Davis is happy on the hopes to get drafted in New Orleans Hornets

Anthony Davis is likely to be drafted in to New Orleans Hornets in the upcoming season, and he is pretty excited for that reason. He paid a visit to the Hornets, which is being dubbed as a workout session, before the drafting actually takes place.

But there is a lot of contrast between what it was supposed to be and what actually happened. The workout turned out to be a photography session. Davis was posing for photographs the Hornets are likely release before next season. He wore the white number 23 jersey that he will be sporting during the matches.

New Orleans Hornets are however trying to keep a lid on what will their top picks. But that is one of the worst attempts to keep a secret.

Even Davis seems to pretending he is unsure if he’ll be picked. He says, “I very much want to get drafted into the New Orleans Hornets. I’ve already won a championship here, and it would be a great feeling to do the same again. It is one the best cities I have been to.” He won a champion here when he was in college.

Even if he is drafted by the Hornets, the question remains whether he will be among the top picks to play. Dell Demps, the general manager, addressed the question in an indirect way. He said that he does not want any new player or a youngster to take the pressure of such a big team right from the word ‘go’.

Davis, though, is not someone who is unused to taking pressures. Playing for Kentucky was enough pressure for him, as the team has one of the largest fan supports for a college basketball team. He was playing under a highly respected coach, John Calipari, and in a team that was expected to win almost every game that it played.

And Davis thinks that experience did a world of good to him. He said, “I felt the pressure then at Kentucky which was the top team. Playing under Coach Cal was no mean feat either. It has helped me learn a lot on coping with pressure situations.”

Dell Demps is not willing to take Davis all the pressure however. “When a player is picked into the side, it is expected he will play his role as saviour. The expectations from them are already very high, and may go over any imagination at times. There should not be a feeling that the individual is the absolute player, one should just let them be the team player.”

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