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A wonderful performance in the fourth quarter helps to win the match for Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks is now getting more importance as a team as they have won the match against Oklahoma City Thunder with a good margin of 104-95. It was no doubt a thrilling match as there was a neck to neck fight in all the quarters. However, on the fourth quarter Atlanta Hawks performed impressively well and thus won the encounter.
In the middle of the fourth quarter Lou Williams did a jumper of 24 foot and he scored a 3 pointer. As a result of it, Atlanta Hawks went ahead and finally when he made two free throws at 4:44 time remaining in the match Atlanta was 91-84 ahead of Oklahoma City Thunder.
Lou Williams scored 19 points in total 10 of which were scored in the last quarter. Williams finally scored 14 points in total in the fourth quarter. Al Horford also played extremely well as he scored 23 points. With all these good performances, Atlanta Hawks has won the match confidently.
It was really a special performance from them as there were a lot of new faces in the team. DeShawn Stevenson said, “We have some new faces in the team. However, they have believed in themselves. We have all the capabilities to reach the final of Western Conference.”
They have played without the forward Josh Smith but they handled the situation quite well.
Kevin Martin scored 28 points but still could not win the encounter. Kevin Durant also scored 22 points but that was not enough to avoid the defeat for his team.
Thunder made 21 turnovers and Atlanta scored 31 points from it. In the first quarter the Atlanta Hawks got the lead at the end by hitting 11 points consecutively. However, there was a twist in the game as again Oklahoma City Thunder went ahead in the second quarter by a margin of 57-49. However, the last half actually changed all the calculations.
At the fourth quarter when only 1:28 was remaining to play, they got a lead of 100-91 and Oklahoma City Thunder could not cover it by any means.
Durant was bit disappointed with the result. He said, “We have not played consistently well in this match. We could not set up our authority in the game rather we provide them the opportunity to play in the way they wanted to control the match. Finally, they got the required confidence in the fourth quarter.”

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