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The best players in NBA history

There have certainly been some talented players in the NBA over recent years and basketball recognised these figures in 1996 when it released the NBA’s Top 50. This was done due to the 50th anniversary of the NBA and while the list may be over fifteen years old now, most of the players who are in it are still classed as greats of the game. Bearing this in mind, we take a look at our top three players from the list.
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Michael Jordan
Few people will be surprised to see that Michael Jordan made the list, with the now 49-year-old being one of the greatest and most renowned players that basketball has ever seen. After starting his career in 1984 with the Chicago Bulls, Jordan’s career spanned right the way to 2003 when he retired with the Washington Wizards. It was undoubtedly his time with the Bulls that was the most successful and most of his 32,292 points came at this stage of his playing days. Even though he has not taken to the court for several years now, he still holds the record for the highest average points total scored per game having managed 30.1 through his career.

Shaquille O’Neal
Most people will have heard of Shaquille O’Neal due to his immense size and power, with the player standing no shorter than 7′1″, while he weighed around 147kg in his prime. This made him a daunting prospect for any opponent and was a big factor as he was named the NBA scoring champion on two separate occasions in 1995 and 2000. As well as this, he won the NBA Most Valuable player accolade in 2000, but his team achievements are probably the most impressive. He was an NBA champion on no less than four occasions and made three NBA Finals across his career.

Will Chamberlain
Another high profile member of the list is Will Chamberlain. With Chamberlain now 63-years-old, it would be fair to say that he played in a completely different era to the previous two players mentioned. However, he made a sterling impact during his career and wasn’t far off Jordan’s total number of points, after scoring 31,419. He played for a range of clubs in the NBA such as San Francisco Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers. Having been an NBA champion on two occasions and won umpteen personal awards, there’s no doubt that Chamberlain is one of the most worthy additions to the list.

The Lakers Will Disappoint This Season

Everyone is talking about the Lakers dominating the upcoming NBA Season. Yes, they did make some great acquisitions. On the other hand, does anyone stop to look at what that team really looks like?Steve Nash might be one of the greatest Point Guards to every play the game, but his defense is now non-existent. Kobe Bryant is a superstar, but he does more whining than winning these days. His age has slowed him down a notch, which has led to him becoming easily frustrated. Metta World Peace is already making predictions about how they’re going to break the record for more wins in a season. While it might be a different sport, did you see how well that has worked out for the Carolina Panthers this season? Dwight Howard is a beast at Center, but he’s constantly injured. Pau Gasol is good, but he’s better when he’s the go-to guy underneath. He will play too timid with Howard entering the mix.

The Lakers will have a good season, but the Oklahoma City Thunder is still the team to beat in the West. They’re young, athletic and multi-talented. They should have won the NBA Finals last season had Durant not been pulled down the stretch on several occasions.

Don’t be surprised if the Thunder win more games than the Lakers this season.

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